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Breakthrough Ep songs were recorded in 2010 at Applebeam Studio with music producer Paul Miles. Writing and recording the tunes was quite challenging as my operating budget was insignificant. I wrote all the songs (Lyrics and melody) except the song titled “come back to me”. I found this melody online and changed the lyrics.

Working with producer Paul was great and exciting. He always understood how I wanted my songs to sound and produced them accordingly. He turned my ideas into a professional sounding tune. We always discussed the structure of the songs and the production and spent a great deal of time getting the foundation right. Paul is a good drummer and also plays the guitar nicely. So building the songs was not hard for him at all. He produced seven songs for me within a year.

Breakthrough Ep consists of these seven songs that are from different genres.
Music listeners on Reverbnation have reviewed some of the songs from Breakthrough, and most of the listeners like the sound.Getu Hirpo


Breakthrough, Getu's debut studio EP was recorded in 2010 at Applebeam Studio with producer Paul Miles. Getu seeks to offer something different and unique to his fans by creating and performing original music that he …

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Breakthrough EP is composed of beautiful, energetic and exciting love songs from different music genres mainly pop, R&B, hip hop and ballad. All songs in the album were written by Getu Hirpo. Breakthrough EP was recorded in 2010 at Applebeam studio in London UK with producer / engineer Paul Miles.


Getu’s songs are absolutely new and different.. over the top crossing true hip hop with a flair you won’t believe – to pop with the sweetest sounds you can imagine.
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